Time Flies!  Announcing Cycle 4,  the new group of Audrey residents at New Georges!

Named for Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, an innovative mentor and of course a great supporter of our company, the year-long residencies that make up our core play development program are project-based and collaboration-focused.  Residency consists of up to 3 weeks of space in The Room to spend working on a new-play project over the course of the year, a monthly meal and conversation with the full resident community, and additional resources we muster as needs emerge.

Big thanks to prior residents Cusi Cram, Morgan Green, Cheri Magid and Jen Silverman, who joined our artistic staff to select the new batch in one very long inspiring day of conversations — good job!  Welcome, 12 new residents and 7 cool new-play projects! AND — scroll down to meet a special group of residents convening just this year.

Playwright Eliza Bent, director Annie Tippe and their New York-based crew will investigate dance sequences and in-flight beverage service in search of Bonnie’s Last Flight, a play in a plane about flight attendants, retirement and regret.  That’s Bentertainment!

Playwright Lauren Feldman and director Larissa Lury will explore drastically different forms and casting possibilities to re-construct the journey of Jeanne Baret — rockstar botanist, first woman to circumnavigate the globe (albeit masked as a man), mother who refused to be a mother.

Playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger and director Katherine M. Carter will explode, revise, meld and shift  musical, movement and textual elements of Margaret Thatcher and the Authorititties, an expressionistic Riot Grrrrl joyride at the intersection of feminism, environmentalism and art.

Playwright Patricia Ione Lloyd and director Martha Banta will mix race, class, gender and girlhood into an all-female musical set in a time when slavery was legal and witches were burned at the stake.

Playwright Kate Scelsa will create an experimental musical about haunted dolls and the modern-day feminist witchcraft movement in America in collaboration with songwriter Mike Iveson.

Playwright Andrea Thome and director Lisa Rothe, working with composer Amir Khosrowpour, will devise a spiraling structure for The Necklace of the Dove, a multidisciplinary play set in both 11th-century Muslim Spain and a 21st-century community of gender non-conforming immigrants in Queens.

Director Giselle Ty will develop Invitation to an Empty Room, a psychologically immersive happening for 10 to 12 audience members that tickles and exercises our senses of spontaneity, whimsy, presence and attention through the structure of a poetic action score.

This year,  there’s more:  to coincide with the large-scale, multidisciplinary art event all about water we’re producing next June at 3LD Art & Technology Center, we’ve chosen 3 thematically-linked projects and 4 artists (coincidentally all Jammers!) for special residencies that will culminate in works-in-progress presentations during the big June event. Here they are:

Helen Banner will collect beach sounds and collaborate with a composer and a percussionist to create a medieval water opera that explores the origins of modern beliefs about the sea, washing and the purification of dirty bodies.

Fifteen to twenty-five college freshmen plod across a stage. Then plod back. Then stop and take a picture of a waterfall.  In Nature Whatever, Sarah Einspanier and Morgan Green explore the collision of impending adulthood and looming environmental doom — on a hike.

Lisa Szolovits will build an interactive vapor sculpture incorporating a projected video archive of crowd-sourced water memories from times of plenty.

The Audrey Residencies are supported by The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, and swell people like you!