New Georges builds relationships with artists in all disciplines who are interested in generating highly theatrical work in all kinds of ways.

What do we mean when we say weird or weird-ish? Or highly theatrical? Or a New Georges project? Well, it tends to break form: through structural innovation, relationship to audience, nonrealistic presentation or acting style. It tends to be heightened – by the rhythm, poetry, humor, or invention of its language or the ways it uses design and the tools of theatricality. It has wit (in the classical sense), is funny (in any sense), is playful, idiosyncratic, maybe messy. It proposes a world all its own.

If you’re a playwright, that’s what we read for (or maybe something else we’ve never seen, feel free to expand our definition!). Importantly, we don’t read for production or other immediate needs, we read to get acquainted: to discover something in your voice, your interests, and your theatrical approach.

If you’re a director or other generative artist: these same aesthetic questions are on our mind when you introduce yourself in whatever way you choose (a statement, a video, an invitation to a show).

We look for artists who will flourish in New Georges’ process- and collaboration-focused framework. Can New Georges serve you? Will you thrive in and contribute to a non-patriarchal community? Those are the questions we’re asking.

Some housekeeping around your approach:

Are you at least partly based in New York City? We work by building relationships over time, so if you’re not here, or near here, or sometimes here… it can be hard to find opportunities together. If your relationship to our city is unusual or not wholly consistent, feel free to tell us all about it.

Playwrights: We accept unsolicited submissions from women (cis + trans) and nonbinary playwrights, and we start with a sample because it helps us respond to you sooner. Please share a recent play with New Play Advocate Sonya Sobieski at Submit the full play (full-length plays only), but in your cover note, please tell us what juicy 20 pages you’d like us to read first. Be sure to include a bio or resume. And we’ll go from there!

Directors and other generative artists: we accept unsolicited approaches and submissions from women (cis + trans) and nonbinary artists. Please send invitations to engage with your work and/or resumes and cover letters expressing interest to Artistic Director/Producer Susan Bernfield at

(Also: New Georges is about opportunity, not content. The project you send need not concern women or gender in its themes, its plot, its casting, heck, it can star 17 cis dudes, whaddo we care?? Make what turns you on!)

(Also: we may take a while to get back to you. We’re a very small company and we appreciate your patience, truly.)

(Also: we see a lot! But of course we can’t see it all. We genuinely appreciate your invitations, we promise we’re out there and paying attention to what you’re working on and who you’re working with. Keep on sending!)

If you’re a New York-based early- or mid-career artist, one great way for us to get to know you is your application to The New Georges Jam, which accepts new members every two years through an open application process. Wait, hey!! Applications for The Jam are now open, download application info here, submit by Friday October 28!


Still have questions? Let’s chat. E-mail me at, put “Still have questions!” in the subject line, throw me a few possible chat times (on weekdays, over the next three or so weeks), and we’ll get on the horn.

We know that gender identities and vocabulary around gender are fluid and ever-expanding. If you believe our non-patriarchal space and culture might be the spot for you and your work: bring it on. 

Been all around our site, and not sure you see artists quite like you? (Not that there could ever be an artist quite like you…). Be in touch, via the methods above. You could be who we’ve been waiting for.


Top: Christina Pumariega, Carolyn Baeumler, Teresa Avia Lim in ALICEGRACEANON by Kara Lee Corthron, directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni, 2012.  Photo: Jim Baldassare
Throughout: Caitlin Sullivan and Deepali Gupta collaborate, 2018; costume designer E.L. Hohn presents to the company of LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR, 2019; Lynn Cohen and Carolyn Baeumler, Susan Bernfield, Deadria Harrington and Giselle Ty at the Audrey Residency Summit, 2017.