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to the Black high society event of the year.

“[a] blistering,  all-caps discussion… the world glitches & stutters like a horror film.” — Helen Shaw, The New Yorker

“[THE COTILLION] is doing its own acidic waltz. Colette Robert … has given it a CVS receipt of a title that keys you in to her absurdist sense of humor… [and] tends to make precise little cuts that extract more blood.” — Jackson McHenry, VULTURE


In Collaboration with New Georges: Lisa Clair Group’s marvelous WILLA’S AUTHENTIC SELF @MITU580 thru May 26!

photo: Maria Baranova


Welcome Audrey Residents 2023!

10 marvy artists making 7 nifty projects: it’s New Georges Audrey Residency Cycle 9

meet the residents

30 years of “the reliably thought-provoking theater incubator New Georges” (NY Times). It’s all in THE RECORD.

New Georges advocates for an intergenerational ecosystem of exuberant theatrical minds, furthering fierce new works along with long-term wellbeing, expanding aesthetic boundaries and gender equity in tandem.

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