At New Georges, we’ve advanced the language, ambition, power, and ingenuity of confident women theatermakers since 1992. Our tendrils reach far and wide. And our artists, who’ve always challenged the prevailing narrative, permeate every corner of the culture.

Today, the women (cis + trans) and nonbinary artists we serve are out to explode what theater can look and feel like – especially, and most remarkably, during these challenging years. To continue our fine work, we need you in our corner.

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Top: Mike Shapiro, Ethan Hova in (NOT) WATER by Sheila Callaghan, directed by Daniella Topol, 2017. Photo: Marina McClure
Bottom (click arrows to see ’em all): Dakota Granados and Lindsay Rico stop by to make a video about their roles in ALLIGATOR, 2016; outside the gala, Heidi Schreck shows Susan and Jen Silverman what she’s learned on the red carpet, 2013; Diana Son (and kids!), Robert Davenport, Susan, Jaynie, Chad Tiller, Amina Henry, Crystal Skillman, Claude Millman run 5K for New Georges, 2019; Eisa Davis in a special gala appearance, 2013; Elena Araoz, Susan, Hilary Bettis in ALLIGATOR collaboration, 2016; Susan, Lee Sunday Evans, Jaynie, Kate Benson, Sarah Cameron Sunde on Obie night, 2015; HELP is the most useful ALICEGRACEANON prop, 109 W. 27th Street office, 2014.