welcome 2018 new georges audrey residents!

Announcing Cycle 5,  the new group of Audrey residents at New Georges!

Named for Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, an innovative mentor and of course a great supporter of our company, the year-long residencies that make up our core play development program are project-based and collaboration-focused.  Residency consists of up to 3 weeks of space in The Room to spend working on a new-play project over the course of the year, a monthly meal and conversation with the full resident community, and additional resources we muster as needs emerge.

Big thanks to prior residents Saviana Stanescu, Leigh Fondakowski and Jacqueline Goldfinger, who joined Susan, Jaynie and Sonya to select the new batch in one very long inspiring day of conversations with potential residents — good job!  This cycle, we sense a (perhaps unsurprising) theme: disruption.  Of process, of mode of presentation, of classics from the canon.  Also: MUSIC!  And our first composer residents, 3 of ’em.  Welcome our biggest class of Audreys EVER!  16 residents and 8 amazing new-play projects!


Playwright Daaimah Mubashshir, director Tara Ahmadinejad and composer Julia Sirna-Frest (with Shane Chapman, the other half of duo Chapman/Sirna-Frest) will excavate the darker side of Mary Poppins — the iconic work of writer P.L. Travers — and create a theatrical five-borough tour of New York City that examines class, race, and bad candy.




Playwright Corinne Donly will write a play without ever physically writing it—meeting with a different speaker each month to give an “oral transmission” of a text. Inspired by the ancient premise that truly precious cultural knowledge should not be written down, Ancient Mystery Cult (2018) will create an ongoing record of significant current events, thereby making memory a community affair.



Playwright Chana Porter, director Sarah Hughes and composer Deepali Gupta weave climate change, hate speech, liberation, lost Star Trek characters and the ghost of Mary Shelley into Dearly Beloved, a meditation on collective despair for community choir sung through the diary entries of an over sharer.



Director Caitlin Ryan O’Connell will foment a collective reimagining of society. This society investigates collaborative co-ownership and a new way of working.  This society will not be driven by capitalism and patriarchy.  We will experiment with silence, non-dominance, changing and inventing language, and more.  Everyone’s invited.



Playwright Liza Birkenmeier and director Katherine Brook will repurpose and re-contextualize footage of the 2017-18 New York Islanders hockey season to create Islander, a new live performance work about the white male identity crisis in contemporary American culture.




After his wife’s death in a freak accident, The Husband is catapulted into indie-rock notoriety with a soul-bearing album about their marriage. But does he have her blessing from the beyond?  Playwright Caroline V. McGraw, director Jess Chayes and composer Melissa Lusk build an indie-rock song cycle/ghost story about inspiration, fame, and love gone wrong.


Playwright Lynn Rosen and director Julie Kramer will include designers, actors and a magician in the process of cracking open Legerdemain (sleight of hand!), a play about muses and magic that occurs in two spheres of reality. People will be cut in half.




Playwright Winter Miller takes on the famous Miller (Arthur) and his play The Crucible and asks, what if Tituba and Abigail told their stories? A play within a play in which actors start rehearsing Miller’s classic, find its flaws too unwieldy and offensive, and decide to write their own play. (photo: Joey Stocks)



Learn about last fall’s Audrey Residency Summit and prior cycles of the Audrey residents here.

The Audrey Residencies are supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and generous people like you!


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