Play-PerView presents seneca falls on to benefit new georges: 9/12 only!

A little while back, playwright Jean Ann Douglass asked us for a deadline to help her finish SENECA FALLS, a highly original, notably ale-forward take on the women’s suffrage movement. She finished right on time, we had a “deadline reading” of that first draft, and she teamed up with director Jess Chayes (her longtime collaborator, and ours) for more

 development, including a fab Playwrights Horizons/Clubbed Thumb SuperLab with a most marvelous cast (reunited here!).

Play-PerView has presented one-time-only theatrical events throughout quarantine, anamazing project, with all proceeds directed to COVID-impacted arts organizations. A live-streamed reading of SENECA FALLS is up next! We’re proud to have been early supporters of this play and these artists, and are absolutely bowled over that this event will benefit New Georges.

Please join us on Saturday September 12 at 7pm. See and support, it’s a win-win! Ale optional.

a new play by Jean Ann Douglass

directed by Jess Chayes

with Susannah Flood (Make Believe); April Matthis (Toni Stone); Kelly McAndrew (Men on Boats); Monique St. Cyr (Thunderbodies); Erin Wilhelmi (To Kill A Mockingbird); John Zdrojeski (Heroes of The Fourth Turning)

Carrie defines the rules; Amelia envisions a husband who darns her bloomers; Frederick renounces his manhood; Margaret rides the train; Eileen drinks sherry; and Mabel lets someone else bandage her wounds. Variously platonic, romantic, and erotic, Seneca Falls is an anachronistic triptych through late-nights in the first 72 years of the women’s suffrage movement: 72 years of mostly a lot of waiting.

♥ Benefitting: New Georges

Tiered pricing, from $5 to $50 — act fast!


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