GOLDOR & MYTHYKA 2 years running!

G$M_0033Garrett and Jenny in G$M now…

Terrific actors (and swell all-around people) Jenny Seastone Stern and Garrett Neergaard have played Bart and Holly (aka Goldor and Mythyka) since we produced a segment of G$M in THE GERM PROJECT at 3LD way back in June 2011.  They’ve been instrumental to the play’s development ever since, and it’s been thrilling to watch both play and production grow around all the oomph, awww and general delight they bring to their roles.  We thought we’d ask them a few questions about what this long and very specific process has meant to them.

You guys have inhabited these characters on and off for two years, a weensy bit longer in Jenny’s case… and have helped develop the piece during all that time in between.  And you’ve done it together!  Which makes us feel so lucky.

Are there ways in which that’s made this project special or different?  Or… what’s most excited you about the journey so far…

GARRETT:  I would say that this is the most in-depth experience I’ve gotten to have with a character.  Over that last two years, since my first involvement with G$M in The Germ Project, the play has had many incarnations.  Getting to experience each incarnation has definitely informed who Bart is in the current production.  He’s changed pretty drastically.  It seemed like it was a much more stylized performance I did in the Germ, and while there are still traces of that today, what we have now is a very rich flushed-out world with dynamic characters going through giant transformations.  It’s truly an adventure to get to take that journey with all that we’ve done behind it.

JENNY:  It’s been wonderful to see the script develop, and in turn, the characters.  The script has gone through so many transformations, and each little one has changed Holly to varying degrees.  It has been really fun to see how each reading or workshop has honed her person more and more.  It’s also been so great to be able to come back to the same people again and again and know we are all doing all we can for the script and the play as a whole.
GARRETT:  And having worked with Jenny from the beginning of my journey on this play has been an absolute pleasure and has pushed me to better work.
JENNY:  Oh, ditto, I want to say the same thing about Garrett.
GARRETT:  Being opposite such a talented person, really such a talented cast, has made me up my game.  And such a great play deserves the work we’re all putting into it.  I’m always awed when I find myself surrounded by such talent.  And that’s not always a guarantee, as we all know.  We had a rocking cast for the Germ and I’m relieved and amazed at the crew we’ve assembled for this go around.
Has anything surprised you about turns the play (and by extension, your characters) has taken in that long process?
JENNY:  There was one point in the process that I thought Holly was darker from the start than she is now, less vulnerable.  There were just a few lines that made me question her sweetness that popped up and then disappeared. So, I think in a way, I came back to the original idea of Holly’s core and sadness and strength.  Her strength at the end of the play excites me too, she is not a victim.
What are your expectations or desires for the production now that it’s finally happening? 
JENNY:  I want to perform it to its fullest each night, with as much energy and openness as it deserves.  I have faith that the script fits together like a puzzle, and it is exciting to unravel it each night and tell the story of these sad, beautiful, strong and desirous people.

GARRETT:  I don’t know.  An amazing show, for sure.  It’s an entirely different play than what we presented in the Germ.  I think it will surprise people.  If all goes according to plan, it’ll definitely raise some spirits and break some hearts.  I’m as proud of this production as anything I’ve done.  I guess that’s about it.  So get your Myth on, people!

gm1800…and 2 years ago, in THE GERM PROJECT production!  Both photos: Jim Baldassare