(the collected) tiny plays for the time of no plays

The note that introduced our first tiny play on March 18 (below in italics, or scroll all the way down to go back in time!) is all the introduction you need to the fast-accumulating rest, each accompanied by the introductory thought from the e-blast in which it appeared.  Thank you for your response to this project, it continues to mean so much to us, our artists, our audience.  Stay well, and we’ll see you soon.   

Heartbroken for our artists and colleagues when theaters shut down this week with their beautiful, long-imagined work inside (or waiting right outside the door)… we looked ahead at a time of no plays, thought about what we might need, and asked our artists for tiny plays to share: perhaps a tiny balm for us, them, and you.


thank you to all of our participating artists!
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk  |  amygvw.com
Tori Keenan-Zelt  |  torik-z.com
Molly Beach Murphy  |  mollybeachmurphy.com
Caridad Svich  |  caridadsvich.com
Jacqueline Goldfinger  |  jacqueline-goldfinger.squarespace.com

Jessica Almasy  | c/o The Team
Alexis Roblan | alexisroblan.wordpress.com
Liz Appel | on the New Play Exchange
Amina Henry | aminahenry.wordpress.com
Crystal Skillman | crystalskillman.com
Kate Bergstrom | katebergstrom.com
Molly Haas-Hooven | mollyhaashooven.com
Mary Elizabeth Hamilton | at New Dramatists
Sonya Sobieski | on the New Play Exchange
Daaimah Mubashshir | daaimahmubashshir.com
Deneen Reynolds-Knott | on the New Play Exchange
Kristen Palmer | kristenpalmerplaywright.com

SEPTEMBER 13  Kristen Palmer’s U.S.G. got me cataloguing longings: for strangers’ smiles, weak cups of coffee, pauses awkward and less so. Maybe an Unclassified Support Group is what I’ve been looking for… 


























































AUGUST 30  While Deneen Reynolds-Knott titles her meticulously-observed play LOSE. LOST. LOSS... I’m grateful for ways it coaxes me to look.











































AUGUST 16  Daaimah Mubashshir’s canny Red Queen Deal just might be the ideal accompaniment for today’s sudden dip in the weather. Holler if you think we go triple or nothing to see what happens next…










































JULY 26  Sonya Sobieski is pretty much the OG New Georges artist… part of everything early, then productions of Commedia Dell Smartass at the Ohioand Still Waters in New Georges’ Manfest (yes, Virginia, there was a Manfest), and she’s now our New Play Advocate, reading/chatting/supporting ’round the clock. With her Collateral Damage on the windowsill, the tiny play sits close to home.




























JULY 12   Herewith, a tiny play in two acts! We had a request for a play with an intermission (odd, but going with it), and the excellent Mary Elizabeth Hamilton heeded the call. WHAT I WANT TO SAY echoes so many far-apart conversations of the past four months. And then, it echoes.

We hope our requester enjoys it, especially that mid-point.


















































JUNE 25  Coming together with our colleagues around budget justice, the reflective conversations we’ve been having with artists… it all reminds us why we miss theater, and you. So while you’re here, and it’s still the time of no plays: a tiny play. Molly Haas-Hooven’s UNDERWATER is, definitively, immersive. I’ll be TWO with you. I think.


















MAY 23  Memorial Day weekend in the time of no baseball. Herewith: the tiniest double header! First up, Crystal Skillman’s THE REBEL musters all the forces at her disposal to plan the next dream. Then IN STRIDE, in which Kate Bergstrom manifests her rightful obsession with sea urchins (I call that a beach read).









































MAY 14  Amina Henry sends two humans out for a walk in the spring, puts colors and smells in their path and varying amount of zest in their step… whether it’s really spring remains an open question. 

































MAY 4  In the persistent present of Liz Appel’s THE WORLD BY HERE AND NOW, even the punctuation hovers in the air… oh, I am right there with it.






























APRIL 29   Oh, we’re in it. And by in it I mean going in circles, it’s THIS MOMENT, after all. In which Alexis Roblan’s A can’t get no satisfaction, though A tries, and A tries, and A tries, and A tries, well, every damn thing we’ve all tried! A little too on the nose? A’s tried that, too.

































APRIL 24   Jessica Almasy’s FNGR LKRS is a tiny play streeeetching its legs. I’m always eager for patches of white on the page, especially when I feel so well guided, so thoroughly invited into moments. A breath? A dare? Do I fill it up or let it echo? Enjoy your morning scroll. (Fingers exercised enough? Hear the mighty Jess read her play right here.)
























































































































































APRIL 16   Caught in the fine points of confinement, the attribution-free couple in Jacqueline Goldfinger’s CAT FIGHT, our tiny play this week, prove that it is (quite literally) a fragile time.





























APRIL 8   Wow, already, our fourth tiny play. Appropriate that it should be Caridad Svich’s BLOSSOM, which looks back, then forward, then gathers all time within our static moment.
























APRIL 2    It’s good it’s tiny, cause I think I’ve read Molly Beach Murphy’s LET IT BE PERPETUAL about 40 times now, just sitting here trying to write you all. Maybe it’s ME.






























MARCH 26    It’s a new week. And a sometime rainy one! I haven’t found the gloomier days so easy, but Tori Keenan-Zelt’s WEATHER WE’RE HAVING makes me almost look forward to more showers… almost.

















































MARCH  18    Heartbroken for our artists and colleagues when theaters shut down last week with their beautiful, long-imagined work inside (or waiting right outside the door)… we looked ahead at a time of no plays, thought about what we might need, and asked our artists for tiny plays to share: perhaps a tiny balm for us, them, and you.

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk’s WITHIN THE TRAPPING I FEEL TRAPPED sure captures what my week’s been like, and with nimble simplicity.




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