Leap and the Net Will Appear

Leap and the Net Will Appear

by Chana Porter
directed by Tara Ahmadinejad
music by Andrew Lynch

Moe Angelos
Eliza Bent
Toni Ann DeNoble
Ron Domingo
Brian Demar Jones
Polly Lee
Andrew Lynch

sets Brittany Vasta
costumes E.L. Hohn
lights Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
sound Michael Costagliola
props Brian Bernhard
assistant director Eli Schleicher
production stage manager Paige D. Carter
assistant stage manager AriDy Nox

“In this play, we contain secret selves and animals inside us.
In an instant, 20 years can pass. We travel the world while
standing perfectly still.”
What happens when Margie (raised to be a good girl; wants to be a lion) leaves home: twenty years whiz by like a moving train, logic and time escape their usual confines, steaks are eaten, tuxes are worn, the world expands, people transform, there is a rule that is breaking. In a world that is close to ours but is not ours, lions run with limitless grace, we all eat cake, have some champagne.

Chana on the world as she wants it to be
Chana on Surrealism Chana on fluidity
Tara on collaboration and process
Sneak peek: Andrew SINGS!

“Perfect summer programming: zany, sweet, beautifully performed, and extremely well air conditioned.” — Helen Shaw

Polly Lee is “a spiky and big-eyed delight! Uses incongruity and exaggeration to suggest some midnight-dark truths about human life and endeavor.” — The New York Times

“A rapturous language-fest of a play, directed with a magician’s touch… In this vibrant production of Leap, language makes reality manifest.” — CultureBot

“Deliciously strange” — Exeunt

June 16-30, 2019

The Sam theater at The Flea