created, directed and co-produced by Emerie Snyder
designed by Lina Younes
co-produced by New Georges


part of POST THEATRICAL, a national wave of plays that use mail
as their theatrical medium, conceived and coordinated by RealTime Interventions


Your dream adventure starts here…

You receive a package from an artist far away.
Ohhhh look, there’s a map inside!
Maybe a few clues… might as well see where they lead?


click here to PURCHASE THE EXPERIENCE   only 50 available!!

 is an object-based theatrical exploration of your own home and surroundings — led by a playfully mysterious map that connects you to others across the country!  And inviting us all to look at the world a bit differently.

Sign up and you’ll be asked to complete a simple (yet slightly mysterious) questionnaire (your answers to just a few questions will influence the package you receive…). When your package arrives in the mail, expect to find several objects, including a map of someone else’s world. You’ll be guided in using the map to explore your own home and surroundings. See what possibilities emerge when you superimpose a different landscape on top of your own… fun!

Head to posttheatrical.org to discover more plays by mail ingeniously created by super-cool theater artists, and read all about it in American Theatre, The New York Times and more here.



EMERIE SNYDER is a Brooklyn-based theatre director and creator of new performance work, focusing on site-responsive theatre, relationships between visual art and theatre, and solo performance. She has collaborated with writers including Michael Sean Cirelli, Anton Dudley, Lally Katz, Davy Rothbart, and Gwydion Suilebhan, and recently assistant directed GNIT by Will Eno, dir. Oliver Butler, at Theater for a New Audience. Other current projects RIGHT NOW!, a virtual variety show presented by The Tank. Graduate of NYU/Tisch; New Georges Affiliated Artist; Arts Curator, Warren St Marks Community Garden; and 2019 Resident Artist, Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC). www.emeriesnyder.com

LINA YOUNES is a Palestinian Lebanese visual designer based in New York. She is on a quest for collaborations, exploring narratives and showcasing process. She creates worlds with one eye shut and an index finger as her wand. In plays, operas, film, and dance, she controls traffic, maps the skies, imagines the birds. Lina explores puppetry and stop-motion animation around the world. Her work is about freezing moments, replaying them, changing scenarios, playing out consequences, then repeating. Impossible things happen in an instant; objects vanish, come to life, and are set off again. In motion. Lina’s greatest love and weakness: soap bubbles.

POST THEATRICAL is a group of theater artists and companies joining forces during the pandemic to produce mail-based theatrical experiences. Pittsburgh performance-based art company RealTime Interventions conceived and coordinated this “national wave” of projects. Wildly varied in form, content and duration, these experiences have been intentionally built for increased audience access and inclusion beyond that which is possible in typical live theater. Our work aspires to connect human beings of disparate backgrounds despite (and in some ways, through) distance. Participating companies include RealTime Interventions with Molly Rice and Rusty Thelin (Post Theatrical conceivers/ coordinators, Pittsburgh, PA), with Milia Ayache (Beirut, Lebanon); Emerie Snyder, with Lina Younes, co-producing with New Georges (NYC); DEMASKUS Theater Collective, with Shaunda Miles McDill, Charles E. Timbers, Jr. and Karla C. Payne (Pittsburgh, PA); Alex Hare and Julia Izumi, co-producing with The Tank (NYC); Tiny Box Theater (Greenpoint, Brooklyn/Astoria, Queens) with Ya Chin Chang (Hong Kong); Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, with Charley McAfee (New Haven, CT); Scott Adkins with Let’s Make a Theatre Company (Park Slope, Brooklyn); Chelsea Sutton with Slipped Beyond Productions (Los Angeles, CA); The Wallpaper Company (Troy, NY); and Visual Echo with Irina Kruzhilina (NYC). Individual artists include Karinne Keithley Syers (Amherst, MA); Melisa Tien (Hell’s Kitchen, NYC) and Lance Horne & Kurt Phelan (NYC).