Welcome 2023 New Georges Audrey Residents!

In which 10 resident artists will work on 7 new-play projects over the remainder of 2023 and way on into 2024. Setting out individually or in an affiliated artist collaboration, they are: Steph Del Rosso and Caitlin Ryan O’Connell; Justice Hehir and Joan Sergay; Charlene Jean; abigail jean-baptiste; Krista Knight; Genevieve Simon and Katherine Wilkinson; and Emerie Snyder.

The residencies are named for Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, an innovative mentor and of course a great supporter of our company. Open to New Georges affiliated artists, the Audrey Residencies are our primary program for generating and developing new works. In year-long project-based residencies, residents spend up to 3 weeks of space in The Room over the course of the year working on their new play or project in a process of their own devising; meet monthly with the full resident cohort for a meal and conversation; and have access to whatever additional resources we can muster as needs emerge.

Big thanks to former residents Liza Birkenmeier, Winter Miller, and Sanaz B. Tennant, who joined Susan, Jaynie, and Deadria in one long inspiring day of conversations with potential residents, hearing all their cool ideas (honestly: it’s our favorite day of the year). Here are the artists and projects our panelists chose:

Using interviews, personal chronicling, writing, and devising, playwright Steph Del Rosso and director Caitlin Ryan O’Connell will make a play about late capitalism, caregiving, and failure based on their shared experiences organizing their workplace and volunteering on political campaigns. What to do with all that energy and momentum when the outcomes aren’t what you planned?  SD: she/her; CRO: she/her

Playwright Justice Hehir and director Joan Sergay will develop “the deodand, or: the rat play,” a real-time meditation on rat rescue, neurodivergence, and everything we can and cannot see about the people we love the most.  JH: she/her; JS: she/her

Through doors, downloads, and orgies—very ‘70s sci-fi funk, think Barbarella and Space is the Place—playwright-composer Charlene Jean and their collaborator Myles Pharaoh will consider metaphysical teachings about love, intention, and wholeness at the end of the universe. they/them

Director abigail jean-baptiste will tear apart the movie musical White Christmas and dig into the sonic materials of memories to collage together a theatrical piece that locates the legacy of Black American train car porters—and fractures their own love for the movie—in the hope of purging the black-negating adage “may all your Christmases be white.” any pronouns

Krista Knight will work up a theatrical disasterpiece in a misguided attempt to riff on Up Your Ass, Andy Warhol killer Valerie Solanas’ seminal and final play for the stage. Centered on the dubious notion of exonerating the shooter and making her, if not an anti-hero, a monster of man’s own making, this is WARHOLS AND ALL. she/her

To explore the ways language both liberates and limits queer people, writer/actor Genevieve Simon and director Katherine Wilkinson will build THIS BUG IS GAY, a solo queer cabaret inspired by Kafka’s The Metamorphosis — and performed by Genevieve entirely in German. GS: they/them; KW: she/they

In collaboration with designers and performers, director/deviser Emerie Snyder will create EXPLORING THE SOURCES, an immersive theatre dream guided by the whimsically strange world of Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter Remedios Varo. If we find ourselves together in this unlikely time and place—what now? she/her

Looking for all the prior residents (and their projects)? Here they are!

Cycle 8, 2022: Lyndsey Bourne; Alisha Espinosa and Galia Backal; Emma Horwitz and Bailey Williams; MJ Kaufman and Sivan Battat; Emily Mendelsohn and Justine Williams; Molly Beach Murphy; Deepa Purohit

Cycle 7, 2020-22: Kate Benson and Jessica Almasy; Lisa Clair; RN Healey and Shannon Sindelar; Julia Izumi; Sanaz B. Tennant; Tori Keenan-Zelt and Portia Krieger; Alexis Roblan; Riti Sachdeva

Cycle 6, 2019: Raquel Almazan and Miranda Haymon; Morgan Green and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff; Amina Henry and Sarah Blush; Sonjae Kim; Eli Nixon and Rebecca Martínez; Kathryn Walat

Cycle 5, 2018: Daaimah Mubashshir, Tara Ahmadinejad and Julia Sirna-Frest; Corinne Donly; Chana Porter, Sarah Hughes and Deepali Gupta; Caitlin Ryan O’Connell; Liza Birkenmeier and Katie Brook; Caroline V. McGraw, Jess Chayes and Melissa Lusk; Lynn Rosen and Julie Kramer; Winter Miller

Cycle 4, 2017: Eliza Bent and Annie Tippe; L Feldman and Larissa Lury; Jacqueline Goldfinger and Katherine M. Carter; Patricia Ione Lloyd and Martha Banta; Kate Scelsa; Andrea Thome and Lisa Rothe; Giselle Ty

Cycle 3, 2015-16: Jessica Bauman; Hilary Bettis; Sarah DeLappe and Morgan Green; Stephanie Fleischmann and Debbie Saivetz; Julia May Jonas and Meghan Finn; Colette Robert; Caitlin Saylor Stephens and Portia Krieger

Cycle 2, 2014-15: Elena Araoz and Susan Zeeman Rogers; Cusi Cram; Gina Femia; Leigh Fondakowski; MJ Kaufman and Adrienne Campbell-Holt; Carson Kreitzer, Elyse Singer and Carolyn Baeumler; Brenda Withers

Cycle 1, 2013-14: Cheri Magid; Lizzie Olesker and Sarah Krohn; Mia Rovegno and Meghan Finn; Jen Silverman; Peggy Stafford and Alexandra Aron; Ariel Stess; Tamilla Woodard and Saviana Stanescu