the wish

the wish


From affiliated artist Justice Hehir comes THE WISH, now with a new draft for a post-Roe world.  Download right now and read it aloud with friends or read it to yourself or spread it around to more friends or do whatever else you need–it’s yours now.*

You can also download and read about the concept, process, and creators of THE WISH here.  That’s Justice Hehir, Dena Igusti, Phanesia Pharel, Nia Akilah Robinson, Julia Specht, dramaturg May Treuhaft-Ali, with graphic design by Christine Carruth Frandsen.

And as of July, there’s even more to do: the creators of THE WISH are working towards group creation to focus specifically on reproductive justice for theatermakers, creating more accessible pro-choice theater, and encouraging communication/solidarity/amplifying the voices of theatermakers in states with total bans. To get involved directly, write  

Here at New Georges, we’re thrilled to support this enterprise and proud to be its online home, part of a village of support that includes our friends at Clubbed Thumb and affiliated artist Heidi Schreck. Participate, then write us at and tell us what you think!

*really and truly — no need to inquire about rights, there are no rights, just do the wish and keep us posted!

NEWS! The wish collective now has a website!! Get more involved at

If you can, support these organizations and others:

Find and support your local abortion fund here

Trust Women Foundation Trust Women’s Oklahoma City clinic just this week was curtailed in its mission by Oklahoma’s extreme abortion ban (non-abortion healthcare continues there). Now they seek to protect their Wichita clinic, via a ballot initiative in Kansas this August that will determine the future of constitutional abortion care in the state. Both clinics have been a critical refuge for Texas women+ seeking the nearest possible out-of-state abortion care in the wake of SB8.

Or support getting out the vote for the right to safe, legal abortion in Kansas directly with a gift to the coalition of advocates Kansans for Constitutional Freedom 

Center for Reproductive Rights   Global epicenter of the fight in the courts — led by longtime NG friend Nancy Northup!

Of course:  Planned Parenthood Action Fund and its local chapters nationwide

Find additional resources here: