From top: Ugo Chukwo and Julia Sirna-Frest; Julia; Noel Joseph Allain, Julia, Leah Karpel; Julia, Leah, Jorge Cordova; Noel, Jorge; Julia, Jorge; Ugo, Jorge

Photos by Maria Baranova

A woman walks into a bar. Her name is Porto. She’s a regular. She likes this bar: serious food, serious wine, serious bartender-a staple in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood (perhaps Bushwick?). Her friends, her wine, and her artisanal snacks are there; her doubts about being a Modern Woman are put on snooze. A handsome stranger walks in and orders something special. Disruption ensues: an upside-down romantic comedy unfolds inside and outside her head. Desires of all kinds are awakened with a ferocious thump. A nice smile is a nice smile, but can we enjoy the sausage once we know how it’s made?

co-produced by WP Theater and The Bushwick Starr
in association with New Georges

by Kate Benson
directed by Lee Sunday Evans

with Noel Joseph Allain, Kate Benson,
Ugo Chukwu, Jorge Cordova,
Leah Karpel and Julia Sirna-Frest

sets Kristen Robinson
costumes Asta Bennie Hostetter
lights Amith Chandrashaker
sound Kate Marvin
line producers Rachel Karpf, John Del Gaudio

at WP Theater, 2162 Broadway

A stealthily ferocious, comfortingly hopeful, very funny new play! An exhortation to get out of your head and live, in thoughtful pursuit of joy.” Critic’s Pick! – The New York Times

“Laugh-out-loud hilarious.” –New York Magazine

“Hugely worth seeing.” Four Stars! A Critics Pick! –Time Out New York

“Magical, mischievous, and just plain hilarious.” –Theatermania

Extended run!
New York Outer Critics Circle Award nominations for Kate Benson & Kate Marvin!

[PORTO] was initially produced by Rachel Karpf, John Del Gaudio and The Bushwick Starr, where it received its world premiere in their 2016-17 Season.



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