andygroupabove: guest DM Andy Action of 2 Skinnee J’s leads an original scenario before the April 12 show!

announcing….  Dungeons & Dragons on Fridays!
starting 1 hour before showtime (that’s 7pm)
at every Friday performance…….a D&D game in the lobby!

with something for everyone:  first-timers, pros
and you, yes you, who played the game in your well-spent youth but haven’t told anyone in a while
(come on out of the ornate woodwork, you know you did!)

so be there APRIL 19 or 26!

cause DM Tavis Allison will be blowing up the lobby D&D style!

meanwhile, set out on your path to greatness by determining your D&D name HERE!

and find out what the heck D&D is HERE!

c’mon, there’ll be plenty of wine…
courtesy of Monsieur Touton Wines!

D&D coordinator: Rusty Thelin!