Staging a sisterhood — yeah!

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In case it somehow escaped your notice, a January 31 front-page Arts & Leisure story in the Times discussed the rise to prominence of female stage directors — accompanied by some damn glamorous photography, we might add.

We’re proud of the many New Georges affiliated artists and friends who were included,* and also feeling pretty great about the absolute GROUNDSWELL of women directors we know who do work that astounds us every day.  It’s happening, people!  Don’t really need the New York Times to tell us so, but not gonna complain that they noticed.


* those among them whose productions you may remember: Anne Kauffman (GOD’S EAR, THE RIGHT WAY TO SUE), Daniella Topol (DEAD CITY) and Leigh Silverman (CREATURE)!



photos: Chad Batka for The New York Times


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