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“In this play, we contain secret selves and animals inside us.
In an instant, 20 years can pass. We travel the world while
standing perfectly still.”

Chana on imagining the world as she wants it to be
Chana on Surrealism             
Chana on fluidity
Tara on collaboration and process
Sneak peek: Andrew SINGS!

And a note from Susan   It’s a soothing premise.  Take off on a journey, to one exotic locale… or three.  Find your true self.  In her voracious ride of a play, Chana turns this sure-fire narrative on its head.  Everyone achieves some sort of transformation – except Margie, our seeker.

In the process of becoming or trying to become, LEAP’s people ask us to suspend the world we know and engage in a feat of expansion: envisioning a world that might be. The play steps to an accelerated pulse that transposes time and space in the blink of an eye, and rests in the sudden overwhelm of a tender song.  But this surreal theatricality, with its irreverent jumps and juxtapositions, never obscures the play’s compassionate heart.

We’ve been planning this production for almost two years.  It’s always a thrill to take such a potentially transformative step with artists, especially a playwright and director who approach the work as openly and adventurously as Chana and Tara do.  Their LEAP collaboration began with a Playwrights Horizons workshop and continued at Houston’s Catastrophic Theatre, the first stop on our co-world premiere.  They’re values-driven artists, we’re values-driven producers; being in on their conversation is as buoyant an experience as the play itself.

So happy to be back in The Sam at The Flea, with a marvelous company.  Make plans now, it’s a short run!
— artistic director/producer Susan Bernfield

New Georges presents
a new play by Chana Porter     directed by Tara Ahmadinejad
music by Andrew Lynch

with    Moe Angelos    Eliza Bent   Toni Ann DeNoble
Ron Domingo    Brian Demar Jones   Polly Lee    Andrew Lynch

I want to want…
What happens when Margie (raised to be a good girl; wants to be a lion) leaves home: twenty years whiz by like a moving train, logic and time escape their usual confines, steaks are eaten, tuxes are worn, the world expands, people transform, there is a rule that is breaking.  In a world that is close to ours but is not ours, lions run with limitless grace, we all eat cake, have some champagne. 

sets  Brittany Vasta   costumes  E.L. Hohn
lights  Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew   sound  Michael Costagliola
props  Brian Bernhard   assistant director Eli Schleicher

production stage manager  Paige D. Carter    assistant stage manager AriDy Nox
prod manager Matt Cecchini     fight/intimacy choreo UnkleDave’s Fight-House
costume assist Laurie Goodwoman   sound engineer/op German Martinez
crew Sydney Caprio   title design & illustrations Justin Winslow
graphic design AJV Media/Jaime Valles   marketing cons Ian Allen/Gold Rush Creative
social media Jessica Kahkoska   press rep Matt Ross PR

thru June 30 only!







The Flea Theater
20 Thomas Street
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$25 (June 16-22); $35 (June 23-30)
$55 Premium — reserved!

running time: 90 minutes

NO LATE SEATING!  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to curtain

a co-world premiere with The Catastrophic Theatre, Houston.

we are grateful to Venturous Theatre Fund of Tides Foundation for their generous support of LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR.

New Georges is an Anchor Partner at The Flea.




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