announcing… the Audrey Residencies & the inaugural Audrey residents!

We’re thrilled to announce a new program at New Georges — the Audrey residencies.

Named for Audrey Bernfield, Susan’s mom, who passed away last year (an innovative mentor and of course a great supporter of New Georges), the Audrey residencies expand on our play development programs in The Room with a year-long residency component designed to increase New Georges’ investment in artists, and artist engagement with New Georges.

We were excited and even a little bit daunted by the incredible caliber of submissions received from affiliated artists, and how well they reflected New Georges’ artistic values: exuberant theatricality and strong collaborations!  To select this year’s residents, we whittled the applicant pool down by lottery, then enlisted a panel of affiliates (Kara Lee Corthron, Lee Sunday Evans, Gina Femia and Kristen Palmer, along with Susan and Sarah) to spend a day meeting their peers.

And now… the 11 residents and 7 projects this program will support in its inaugural go-round, through June 2014.

Cheri Magid will team with director Jenna Worsham to riff off strange but true history in her play THE GABA GIRL, about a 1930’s love square involving two gay men, an infamous socialite — and the mannequin made in the socialite’s image.

Playwright Lizzie Olesker and director Sarah Krohn will explore the possibilities of object and toy theater with EMBROIDERED PAST, a new play about family hoarding and the loss of nature – the earth’s habitats, species and biodiversity.  They’ll use objects (found and made) to play with scale, assemblage and the emotional and/or physical weight of the “stuff” we hold on to.

Mia Rovegno and director Meghan Finn will continue their collaboration on Mia’s play nothin’s gonna change my world (meditations on that mythological place called home), an immersive exploration of the dislocated and relocated and their search for home, which uses stories inspired by NPR reports, RV living blogs, the Occupy Movement, Found Magazine and much more.

Playwright Jen Silverman will start a new musical (or play-with-music) that borrows from the genre of the Western.   With composer/sound designer Nathan Roberts and director Erik Pearson, she’ll delve into what makes a musical and what makes a Western — and the quintessentially American mythology both tap into.

Playwright Peggy Stafford and director Alexandra Aron will work on JEWEL CASKET, a play inspired by a Joseph Cornell box. The play inhabits two different worlds: a hyper-real contemporary one and a heightened theatrical one from a faraway time and place, in which the characters are played by marionettes. In collaboration with puppet designer Lake Simons, they will create puppets and experiment with the visual landscape of the overall piece.

Ariel Stess will work intensively with collaborating performers to form the rest of her play YOU DIDN’T SEE HER ALONE — wherein sounds are freed from words and words are freed from their familiar containers – and “propel it into its conditional, slippery existence.”

Director Tamilla Woodard and playwright Saviana Stanescu collaborate on ENSLAVED: a tragi-comedy about modern-day slavery and human trafficking – creating text, lyrics, music and a site-specific/conceptual frame for a funny and absurd show that is indeed about modern-day slavery and human trafficking.


Cover photo: Audrey.  Moscow.  1969.





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