it’s 26 days of art + theater (+ parties + conversation)




is New Georges’ month-long, multidisciplinary
art event featuring

the world premiere of 
co-conceived by Sheila Callaghan & Daniella Topol

that works on, in and with the water

From June 5 to 30, 2017, Works on Water turns 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan into a boundary-crossing thought hub for 26 days of art + theater as a diverse cohort of artists, scientists, water advocates and audiences come together for wide-ranging conversation about the relationship between people and water.

Why this crazy-huge Works on Water?  In June 2006, New Georges opened the new technology-driven performance space 3LD Art & Technology Center with DEAD CITY, a play by Sheila Callaghan, directed by Daniella Topol.  3LD offered up multi-media tools that were novel for the time; DEAD CITY took advantage.  The show extended its sold-out run and inspired its lead artists to make something else with their delicious new tools. Building from a monologue Sheila had written about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they started a piece called WATER, inviting designers in from its inception so theatricality and text would emerge simultaneously.  Halfway through WATER’s 10-year off-and-on development process, Sheila and Daniella returned to New Georges with this big project and a thirst to experiment.  When we planned to hear the play together on November 9, 2012, we never imagined we’d gather just days after a hurricane struck our own city.  Since then, in the context of accelerating environmental events, the play has felt like a moving target: more urgent, but also more challenging.

Meanwhile….  in 2013, on a retreat in Maine, Deputy Artistic Director Sarah Cameron Sunde decided to stand in the water.  After the hurricane, she’d begun to see the struggle to survive as an artist in relation to humanity’s struggle in the face of sea level rise; she created 36.5 / a durational performance with the sea to evoke both. 36.5 has led her all around the world — but also,  here at home, to a community of artists who use water as site or material, many of whom are defining a movement through their longtime commitment to urban ecology and New York City waterways.  Sarah observed that the creative worlds she bridges rarely converse or cross-pollinate, and that water art — ephemeral, collaborative, time-based, communal – has an intrinsic connection to theater.  With a group of multi-disciplinary artists, she dreamed up a triennial to accompany our planned production of what’s now (NOT) WATER.

26 DAYS OF ART + THEATER!  And it goes like this:

The play.  Callaghan and Topol’s epic exploration of their epic exploration of an element so epic it’s taken a decade to explore: a large-scale, immersive theater piece that addresses humanity’s relationship to water in the face of profound environmental change. Learn more here!

The exhibition.   New Georges hosts an inaugural triennial!   A core group of artists whose works of participatory art exist outdoors are represented indoors at 3LD by installations that are portals to their dynamic nature.  Curated by Urban Water Artists: Clarinda Mac Low, Eve Mosher, Nancy Nowacek, Katie Pearl, Sarah Cameron Sunde   Learn more about the The exhibition at

The expeditions. Join us, at 3LD or off site, for curated jaunts to see works at locations throughout New York City!  Learn more about The expeditions at

The conversations. Let’s dive in together to answer big questions! Join 10 convos with artists, scientists, activists and more, concocted by Katie Pearl & Guerilla Science (including a conversation with Callaghan, Topol & collaborators post-show June 9!). Learn more about The conversations at

The residents. Theatrical (and theatrically-adjacent) works-in-progress by New Georges’ 2016-17 special residents Helen Banner, Sarah Einspanier, Emerie Snyder and Lisa Szolovits Learn more here!

The rest. 
Experiences in climate science as art by Guerilla Science!  Multiple celebrations & opening nights!  The Power of 10, launching interdisciplinary conversations between artists and activists with an open workshop in collaboration with iLand!

The partners.
New Georges is an award-winning nonprofit theater company that has produced and developed innovative and experimental new theater by women in New York City since 1992.    3-Legged Dog and its home, 3LD Art & Technology Center, located at 80 Greenwich Street, exist to produce original works in theater, performance, dance, media and hybrid forms and to explore the narrative possibilities created by digital technology. Guerilla Science is an international collective that connects people with science by creating live experiences in unexpected places that spark curiosity and inspire wonder. Urban Water Artists is a curatorial group driven by a group of artists and thinkers working on/in/with the water.

The tickets.  Get ’em here, folks!

Presented by New Georges
with 3LD Art & Technology Center and Urban Water Artists
in collaboration with Guerilla Science

with very special thanks to The Venturous Theater Fund of Tides Foundation
& ART/New York’s Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Design Enhancement Fund

always more at


JUNE 2017

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