“This show has been curated specifically to run in conjunction with The New Georges Jam on Toast.  We began with the idea of featuring cross-over artists, New Georges’ affiliates and friends who we know as theater artists, but who have thriving visual arts practices as well.  Hoping to show a variety of techniques and sensibilities, we looked for work with a heightened aesthetic and work that told us something new about the artist.

As we began to pull the work together, duets and trios emerged that functioned in high contrast with each other: some in black and white, some with more color, all playing with form in their own way and all with an emotional core.”
— Sarah Cameron Sunde & Karla Carballar

We’re thrilled to guest curate the gallery at Dixon Place for the duration of our festival, and to feature visual art by theatermakers Anna Kiraly, Laura Mroczkowski, Alley Scott, Jenny Seastone Stern, Jessica Tam, Vid Taylor, Sara C. Walsh

…and sound art by Amy Altadonna created especially for Jam on Walls!

Check it out during your playgoing!

More info about Dixon Place Gallery here!


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bonnie’s last flight is a new georges supported production!

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be a jammer, join the jam!

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