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Read Neil Genzlinger’s feature about Kate & Lee’s process in Sunday’s Arts & Leisure section of The New York Times — or right here!

MORE about process with Lee in the Brooklyn Rail!

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Remember: special skip-outta-work weekday matinee Friday 2/6 @ 3pm!

Critic’s Pick!  “It’s arrived!  The gorgeously multiethnic cast moves like Robert Wilson–ian puppet people, gliding in half-crouches across a painted football offensive diagram. Lee Sunday Evans coaches an all-star bench (Mia Katigbak! Brooke Ishibashi! Gerry Bamman!) in a production that’s beautifully honed and scrupulously prepared. You can’t imagine another production of this play: When it comes to theatrical integration, this little construction moves the goalposts.”
– Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“A quirky comedy by Kate Benson that cleverly transforms an extended family’s Thanksgiving dinner into a fiercely fought competitive sport… the results resemble the demented love child that might result from the mating of “SportsCenter” with a Richard Maxwell play on fast-forward.  Ms. Benson’s writing, Ms. Evans’s direction and the performances are completely in sync — like a soccer team playing up to World Cup level… Ms. Benson possesses a strikingly original voice.”
— Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“In Kate Benson’s incomparable A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes, sport and theater are equated in ways you’d never expect. As directed with a perfectly in-tune idiosyncratic style by Lee Sunday Evans, it will leave you breathless as it disassembles the time-tested genre of family play.  For what’s ostensibly her debut, Benson’s writing majorly impresses in its sheer tenacity.  A further reminder of how great theater can be when it truly dares to go where it’s never gone before!” — Theatermania

“Funny and deep!  Delightful… Evans’s vivid choreography and excellent cast make this holiday “match” compulsively entertaining. But Benson’s aims are bigger than whimsy, implying that even stressful traditions are mere diversions from a larger darkness just beyond.” — The Village Voice

“Lee Sunday Evans’ imaginative production of Kate Benson’s reinvented family dinner tale is a great theatrical experience, and also a really good play.  Katigbak’s subtle, hilarious, performance is a highlight of the evening.  [Benson] is a bright, brave, and funny playwright with her own distinctive voice. This Great Lakes is a singularly unique theatrical experience.” – Theater is Easy

[A] funny feast!  The family gathering gets fresh coats of abstraction and theatricality… sly writing, clever staging and agile actors!” – NY Daily News

a new play by Kate Benson
directed by Lee Sunday Evans…

…returns!  Produced by New Georges in association with Women’s Project Theater!

through February 7 only!
City Center Stage II 131 W. 55th Street

tickets on sale right here right now!
#20at20: 20 buck rush tickets at box office 20 minutes before the show if seats available!

running time: a cool 75 minutes!

The New York Times called it “spectacularly inventive,” “remarkably assured” and “dizzyingly entertaining” and made it a Critic’s Pick!  We’ll take any of those, with gravy!

with Jessica Almasy, Gerry Bamman, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Christian Felix, Kristine Haruna Lee, Nina Hellman, Brooke Ishibashi, Mia Katigbak, Heather Alicia Simms & Ben Williams

design by Sara C. Walsh, Barbara Samuels, Brandon Wolcott, Kathleen Doyle

production stage management by Jaimie Van Dyke

ASM Eric Marlin
sound associate Adrianna Brannon
line producer Amanda Kate Joshi
production manager Josh Kohler

press rep Emily Owens PR

watch GREAT LAKES’ delicious cast in rehearsal!

watch Susan move it uptown!

read the announcement on Playbill.com!

and an interview with Kate in B O D Y



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